Why You Should Print Your Photos

Why You Should Print Your Photos

Why You Should Print Your Photos

Being in the digital age that we are in today, everything has become electronic in some way. Technology today has made it very easy to store data digitally, voiding the need to keep things physically, such as documents, movies, music, pictures, and so on.

So why would you want to print your photos, when it so easily saved, shared and stored?

Here are 3 reasons by Sebastian Aitken that tell you, Why You Should Print Your Photos.

Technology Dangers

With this new age convenience, comes the down sides as well, such as viruses, hackers, digital thieves, device malfunctions, data loss and so forth. As safe and protected as things become, the evilness is always along side it – Always.

There is a risk being taken when you store data digitally. As easy as it has become to save and share your data, it is just as easy for a cyber attack to take place – This could result in your data being stolen, deleted or corrupt and is therefore, forever lost. Yes, backup procedures can be put into place to safeguard your data from this kind of danger – But none the less, the risk is real and precautions can be costly and quite a pain too.

Digital Direction

As technology moves forward at the rapid pace that it is – things are constantly changing, and becoming more advanced. Software is becoming stronger, Machines are becoming faster, Devices are becoming smarter. These advances require files and data to also be up to speed with the technology. Old Documents and Files are slowly becoming extinct, leaving them in the past.

Keeping your photos digitally for years could render them as the “Unknown File Type” in the near future – That is something we would not ever want! All of your memories left in the Dark Age of technology.

This topic was in-fact addressed  by Google’s Vice President, Vinton G. Cerf, and is very much a reality.

The Portrait

The age old Portrait has been around for centuries, people capturing moments in an image whether it was by Paint, Coal or Ink – Portraits have been created and left to out-live man. This has been used for keeping memories alive, passing legacies on, handing over history to generations ahead. It is now known as a Photograph, and many of you would have experienced the feeling of going through Photo Prints from a few generations before you – amazing indeed!

The Portrait was the True form of the moment captured, as is the Print of a Photograph. The art of capturing moments in time has never been simpler, and everyone is doing it! But, it is never really complete until it can be physically touched, portrayed, and handed down through generations.


As convenient and simple as it’s become to keep your memories digitally, there is no replacement for a Photo Print. Holding a physical photo and thinking back, or imagining the times and feelings, can never be replaced by the digital version.

Browsing through photos on you phone or PC can very easily be interrupted by “New Mail”, “New Comment”, “You have been tagged”, “Mr. T is now Following You” – You get my drift… Not to mention power failures and low batteries. But sitting back with a Photo Album, or a stack of old photos will take you away and down into Memory Lane 🙂

Get them Printed

Essential DigiHub now boasts a state-of-the-art photo printer as well as a self service kiosk to go hand in hand with it.

We can have your Photos Printed in no time, and in excellent quality too! Various types are offered, including regular photo prints, large prints, canvas print and stretching or photo books!

Have it printed while you wait, come in and DIY or send it to us via Wetransfer – The option is yours. Get your Photos Printed, Today!

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