Paper Folding – Finishing

Finishing – Paper Folding

Paper Folding is used for many different reasons for all types of applications.

For the Digital Printing world, more so for that of Brochures and Invitations, there are only these that will be explained in this post.

What is Paper Folding?

In the sense of Paper Folding in Print Finishing – It is the folding of a final printed product making it either more appealing or smaller or to fit it into specific holders or envelopes.

Typically Paper Folding with Essential DigiHub would apply to Invitations and Brochures.

Types of Paper Folds

There are many types of folds that one could do with a single piece of paper. Listed here, are the most commonly used when folding brochures and invitations.


Paper Folding Folds


  1. 4 Page Single Fold
  2. 6 Page Gate Fold
  3. 6 Page Concertina Fold
  4. 6 Page Roll Fold
  5. 8 Page Parallel Double Fold
  6. 8 Page Concertina Fold
  7. 8 Page French Fold
  8. 8 Page Parallel Over and Outer Fold
  9. 8 Page Parallel Map Fold
  10. 8 Page Reverse Map Fold
  11. 10 Page Concertina Fold
  12. 12 Page Letter Fold
  13. Endorsement Fold




Why would I use this?

Here are a few examples of why one would use Paper Folding:

  • To make a page more presentable – E.g. An Invitation would have the Invite Text on the front, and details inside.
  • To have a page fit into an envelope or other holder – E.g. To put an A4 page in d DL Envelope, or a Brochure into a dispenser.
  • To create “more pages” or panels – E.g. Brochures that offer a lot of information.


With commercial digital printing, come many finishing options – Folding being one of them. This is a great option to have available as really can turn a regular print into an extraordinary product.

Used on Brochures and Invitations, it gives the receiver a more open feeling to what is being conveyed with the brochure or invite, thus in turn opens up positive feedback.

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