Invitation Printing

Invitation Printing is very popular and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

What is an Invitation?

“a written or verbal request inviting someone to go somewhere or to do something..”

What would I use an Invitation for?

Invitations are used today, to invite an individual or group to attend an event or an occasion of sorts. Because of the huge spectrum of event and occasion types, invitations also differ drastically to fit the “theme” or “mood” of the event or occasion in question.

What we offer…

We offer the Design and / or Printing of Invitations, as well as cutting, folding and finishing if that is what is required.

Typically, the standard size of an invitation is A4 and can be either Single Sided or Double Sided, in Colour or Black and White.

There is no standard in Invitation Printing, as they come in all shapes and sizes! So we can provide Invitation Printing from A5 – A3 and bigger. Have it folded, binded, laminated and more – There is no limit!

Here is an article explaining the different Paper Sizes available in commercial printing.

Whether you would like 20 or 2000 Invitations – we can provide that, and with excellent turnaround time as well.
The Paper or card type used is entirely up to you. We have a wide variety of paper and card types for you to select from.

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