Flyer (Pamphlet) Printing

Listed in our wide range of printing services, is Flyer Printing.

What is a Flyer?

“A flyer is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place, handed out to individuals or sent through the mail. In the 2010s, flyers range from inexpensively photocopied leaflets to expensive, glossy, full-colour circulars.”

Why would I need Flyers?

Flyers are an excellent tool for advertising and marketing. They are cheap to print and very easy to distribute, making it great for getting a message out.

Whether it is an event you are wanting to broadcast, or an advert for a new store that you need to get out, or even a product you are selling – A Flyer is always a good option for public distribution.

What we offer…

With regards to Flyers, we offer the Design and / or Printing as well as cutting and finishing.

Typically, the standard sizes of a flyer is A5 or A6 and can be either Single Sided or Double Sided, in Colour or Black and White.
We can do A4, A7, DL or Custom Size as well. Here is an article explaining the different Paper Sizes available in commercial printing.

Whether you would like 200 or 20 000 Flyers – we can provide that, and with excellent turnaround time as well.
We use a 135gsm Gloss paper for our flyers. but of course if you need a different stock, we have many options available.

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