Finishing – Paper Folding Paper Folding is used for many different reasons for all types of applications. For the Digital Printing world, more so for that of Brochures and Invitations, there are only these that will be explained in this post. What is Paper Folding? In the sense of Paper Folding […]

Paper Folding – Finishing

Why do you need a Business Card? In this day and age, everything is digital – Emails, Communication, Meetings and even Networking. However, the Business Card is the one thing that cannot be replaced by digital. Here are some reasons why it is important to have a Business Card, and […]

4 Reasons Why You Need a Business Card

Standard Paper Sizes Explained The purpose of this post is to explain the common paper sizes used inpopular writing and print applications. The most used of course, is the A Series Paper size. However, there are many other international paper sizes and formats, and these include:     In this post, […]

Paper Sizes Explained