4 Reasons Why You Need a Business Card


Why do you need a Business Card?

In this day and age, everything is digital – Emails, Communication, Meetings and even Networking. However, the Business Card is the one thing that cannot be replaced by digital.

Here are some reasons why it is important to have a Business Card, and why it cannot be replaced.


1. It is Personal

With everything being digital, everything is done over the internet – Contact information and other details get shared quickly via an sms or email. But as convenient as that is, it is impersonal.
When 2 people have their eyes stuck to their phone screens, no real bond is made, no memory of that encounter is kept. It is when the individuals are face to face, and a physical Business Card goes from one hand to the other – That is when a relationship begins. It becomes personal.


2. 1st Impression

The Business Card is the first impression of your brand – Your Business card tells the story of what you are about.
Imagine 2 clothing stores next to each other. The one has a cardboard sign of its brand that had been cut out with a scissor and pasted onto the window, and the other has a lit up sign placed about the entrance with their brand on it – Which are you more likely to walk into?
It is the same with the Business Card. You get a good 1st impression across to someone about your brand or business without them having seem the brand or business.


3. Continuous Marketing

A good Business Card is attractive and builds an interest towards the person who sees it – This will make the person want t pick it up and browse the information that is on it.
A good Business Card markets itself, as it makes a great impression and it will be shown to others, thus putting your brand in front of potential customers.


4. Professionalism

Business Cards are professional, and keep you prepared, always!
Picture 2 individuals passing on their information to you – The one hurries for a pen and paper to quickly get the info to you, and the other pulls out a Business Card and hands it over – Who are you more likely to lean towards?
Business Cards show professionalism and preparation, and not to mention, saves you time as well.



Deciding to get business cards for your brand or business is never a bad idea. It will provide you with the ability to almost instantly get your information across to someone. It is a powerful marketing tool and is able to refer itself if its a good, attractive design.

So now, if you are wondering where you could get your business card designed and printed, you can do it right here! Essential DigiHub

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